Owwwn offers affordable subscription plans for managed WordPress websites and hosting. Have a look at which plan suits your needs.  For more details on pricing, accepted payment methods and billing details visit our FAQ section.

Save 36%
$ 16 / Mo

Billed once annually at $192.

Cancel any time.

$ 25 / Mo

Billed every month.

Cancel any time.

What about the domain name?

You can use your own domain or buy one within the checkout process. The domain is not included within our subscription packages.

What happens when I buy a subscription?

It's simple, upon receiving payment we conduct the final setup on your website. This can take up to 24h so we ask for your patience. We will notify you when your website is live.

Are there any limitations to my hosting?

The subscription includes hosting for up to fifty thousand (50k) visitor per month. Should you exceed the volume of traffic stated, a new offer will be sent to you. You will be informed upon approaching the threshold and no additional charges will be made before your consent.

What payment methods can I use?

We offer payment through a wide selection of credit cards processed by Stripe. Should you wish to pay through a different method you can contact us and we will find a suitable solution.

Questions left unanswered? We are happy to help.
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